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This low-maintenance Hoya Carnosa is one of my favorites

hindu rope plant

Meet the Hoya carnosa compacta which also goes by the name of Hoya Krinkle Curl and Hoya Hindu Rope.


This interesting looking plant has all the right curves and it’s super easy to care for.



My Hoya Hindu rope is in a West facing room about five feet from the window living it’s best life in indirect light. Occasionally, I rotate the plant so that all sides get some light but mostly, I leave this plant alone.



Learning how to water plants was one of my biggest challenges when I first began to care for plants. Thankfully, I’ve learned to stop drowning my plant babes by just listening to them when they communicate.


This Hoya is a succulent and lets me know it’s thirsty by wrinkling.


Let me explain.


When it’s perfectly happy, it’s bright green, waxy and feels smooth (like gliding your finger across a fresh firm apple). When it needs to be watered it gets wrinkled like a raisin in the sun.


Soon as I notice wrinkles, I give it water. This can sometimes take more than two weeks which is why I call this a low-maintenance plant.


I can literally water it and forget about care for most of the month.



I have not repotted my Hoya Hindu rope since I bought it from Lowes but I don’t believe they use any special soil.

To get this guy potted in the photo below, I took a handful of soil and perlite and dumped it in a $3 planter from Target. Target has the cutest hanging planters in that budget section near the front of the store during the Spring. Check it out.

hindu rope plant



Keeping humidity loving plants happy hasn’t been my strong suit. Thankfully, this plant thrives with no special humidity requirements. It’s growing well in a room with no humidifier and nd I don’t use any monitoring devices to know when the humidity changes seasonally and it’s fine.  I have made sure that it’s not near a vent because the heat and air changes may impact it negatively.



  • When I go to water this wax plant, I remove any dead leaves from the soil and inspect for pests. Because of the curves, it seems like it would be easy for critters to find a home in the crevices but with my monthly care routine, I have had any pest issues with this guy. I think it helps that I let the soil get really dry before watering.



I would love to see this plant get super long and if you hope for yours to grow long too, just know that it may take some time; it’s a slow grower. But…for your patience, you may get blooms. Yep. These succulent vines have the potential to grow pretty flowers.


I haven’t had any luck with blooms on mine, but I’m hopeful.


Overall, if you are looking for a plant that is fun to observe and easy to care for this is a great option. Another great option is the Cebu Blue Pothos.



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