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How Not To Kill Your Houseplant

Organic Potting Mix

A good potting mix that can be used for most indoor plants. I’d still add earth worm casing and something for improved drainage – depends on the plant. 

Potting Soil

A soil that is a bit more pricey than most but contains a good source of nourishing organic matter.

Clay Pebbles

These are often used in soil-free plantings. I used them as an alternative to perlite to improve aeration and drainage. 


Added to potting soil to avoid soil compaction and improve drainage. 

Stainless Steel Watering

A good watering can and a consistent watering routine is essential to plant care. If you have glass jars, they work well too – upcycle. 

Soil Meter

As a beginner, a soil meter can help manage the temptation to water too often.