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The Best Online Plant Shops with Rare & Popular Options

Finding your wishlist plants isn’t as easy as visiting your local big-box plant store or your neighborhood plant shop. Sometimes, finding the plant you want requires putting your trust in an online plant shop.


You do your due diligence and find out as much as you can about your online plant seller but in the end, you just have to trust the photos and the reviews. Finally, you hit the purchase button and you wait impatiently for your bundle of plant joy to arrive. The box gets to you and you’re either delighted or disappointed.


I’ve had both experiences. The following online plant shops that have brought me quality, pest-free, and healthy plants. 



Amazon (Costa Farms)

It’s probably not a surprise that my first online plant purchase came from Amazon. Amazon sells everything. My husband wanted to get me a gift and I could have requested diamonds but I wanted a fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) and I saw that Amazon had one listed by Costa Farms. I told my husband and within a week a fiddle leaf fig was at my front door. It was beautiful and lush and for less than $40 I was a happy camper and a happy wife.



I’ve since purchased two other fiddles from Amazon and Home Depot and unfortunately, none have survived but that’s a me problem. Each online plant purchase arrived timely and in good shape. I’m taking a break from the fickle Ficus lyrata for now but I can recommend Costa Farm Fiddle Leaf Figs purchased on Amazon.



Plant That Plant


I don’t know if the Plant That Plant online plant shop found me or if I found it but I’m a happy customer. It’s a rare plant shop based out of Sweden. I love that the owner believes that plants have the power to take care of us and relieve tension, anger, and fatigue (I agree). Plus, I desperately wanted an Anthurium clarinervium and they had one that was drool-worthy at a price I felt was more than reasonable. The added bonus is that the shipping expense (I’m in the USA) was also very reasonable. I hit the purchase button on the website and what arrived is left me speechless.

My Anthurium clarinervium arrived without blemish with three mature leaves and a juvenile leaf and it has continued to grow very well. It currently sits in a planter in my bedroom giving me the best view a plant girl can ask for each morning and each night. I don’t regret my purchase with Plant That Plant and I highly recommend checking them out if you are seeking out rare plants. Psst. The customer service is also A++.



Greenery Unlimited

I’m not only a plant girl but I’m also a girl who enjoys traveling. I try to get to New York City every now and then for a theater show and food and when I began to expand my plant collection, I wanted to know what plant shops “The Big Apple” had to offer. So. I did a Google search and found Greenery Unlimited. I love that their plant collection is always changing and if you don’t see what you want right now, it may on the website in a few weeks.



My first purchase from Greenery Unlimited was a 4″ Monstera deliciosa. I had just got burned by another online plant shop and wanted to be cautious. The plant arrived well-packaged and had a thick healthy root system. Great. I was a happy girl. So. I did what happy plant girls do. I purchased a couple more plants including a rubber plant (Ficus Elastica Burgundy) and a Calathea Jungle Velvet (Calathea warscewiczii). Each plant arrived healthy and strong. That’s why I happily recommend this plant shop.




I had always been a bit skeptical about plants from Etsy and some shops still will not get my business. However, this shop and a few others listed below are the exceptions.


MonsteraCo is an online plant shop based out of the United Kingdom. After purchasing with Plant That Plant, I was a bit more comfortable with international plant shipping and decided to purchased a Calathea obiforlia and a Monstera sp Peru.


calathea orbifolia houseplant care

If you’re interested, I have a post about Calathea orbifolia care.


What can I say? My experience shopping with MonsteraCo was euphoric. I had to be patient – because international shipping BUT the wait was worth it! I had never seen plants look so perfect after spending time in a box for days. The plants arrived blemish-free, healthy, beautiful, and both have survived and grown to be favorites in my plant collection.


I recently tried to make another purchase through the ship but shipping to the USA seems to have been restricted. This may be a temporary change. If you get an opportunity to shop with this seller, please do. I don’t think you’ll regret it. I don’t!




Semitropicals is another shop I found on Etsy. I was searching for a Cebu blue pothos because it’s a gorgeous vining plant and the seller had a beautiful little plant. From purchase to arrival the experience was pleasant. Shipping was fast, plastic-free, and the quality of the plant was very nice.


Cebu Blue Pothos Houseplant


My Cebu Blue pothos has grown very long and I’ve been about to propagate with several of the cuttings I’ve made. I’d happily purchased from the Semitropicals shop again. If you do visit the shop and make a purchase, tell Gabby I sent you.



Land of Alice

Until recently, getting older didn’t’ really excite me. Now, I have a real appreciation for each new year. Anyway, my husband wanted to celebrate my birthday and again instead of asking for diamonds, I asked for a plant, more specifically, an Alocasia micholitziana “Frydek”. And, because I’m a good wife, I told my husband exactly where to go to find the plant I wanted – Land of Alice.




I’ll let the picture speak for itself but GAH! The Land of Alice (Etsy shop) didn’t disappoint in delivering a beautiful, healthy, and velvety plant (it feels like velvet) to my home and my heart.



Ok. That’s all for now. I know there are lots more online plant shops but I only included shops where I’ve actually received quality plants. If you have some online plant shops you had great experiences with, let me know in the comments below. Cheers

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